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My Supporters

Willie is proud to have the trust of so many members of our community, both individuals and institutions. Grassroots support, donations, and volunteer time are what powers this campaign, and we hope you join us too!   

From Our School Board

From Our Unions

From Our Leaders

Alexandria's Teachers Union
(Alexandria Political Action Committee for Education)

Cindy Anderson
(Alexandria School Board, Current Member)

John Porter
(Former Principal, Alexandria City High School )

Veronica Nolan
(Alexandria School Board, Current Member)

Northern Virginia Labor

Kevin Harris
(Former City Council Candidate)

Margaret Lorber
(Alexandria School Board, Current Member)

Mid-Atlantic Pipe
Trades Union

Bryan Porter
(Commonwealth Attorney)

Sheriff Dana Lawhorne
(Sheriff, Alexandria City)

Rodney Lusk

Fairfax County District Supervisor
Class of '83 Titan

Special Distinctions

Moms Demand Action: I'm proud that Moms Demand Action has given me the distinction of being a Gun Sense Candidate, and I will work tirelessly to ensure the physical and emotional safety of our students, educators, and staff   

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